The Scottish Social Services Awards created a partnership with Edinburgh College, City of Glasgow College, North East Scotland College and Dumfries & Galloway College to provide filming support for the 2018 finalists.

Students from these four colleges worked with shortlisted organisations to produce a short promotional film which tells the story of their award submission. The films are up to one minute long for use at the ceremony and on social media.  Have a look at them on our video channel here – they’re great!

We would like to thank the students from Edinburgh College and the City of Glasgow College who helped produce the films for the 2017 Scottish Social Services Awards.  You can view their fantastic work on our Vimeo and YouTube Channels.


Our students gained a valuable insight into the social supportive and inspirational work carried out in our communities. It is important for them to realise that broadcast can be a force for good and projects such as this one are valuable for their working future.

Marjory Crooks

Curriculum Manager, Broadcast Media & Photography, Edinburgh College

Filming for SSSA awards was a great experience for me, not only for improving my skills at working to a brief to create a film, but also for discovering a little more about some of the organisations around that are doing great work in the social services.

Alex Cormack

Student, North East Scotland College

My experience working on this project has been great. I got to meet some amazing social workers whose stories I felt honoured to tell and was supported by the SSSA team helped throughout the process.

Kieran Smyth

Student, City Of Glasgow College

The experience of producing, directing and editing three award videos in a month has been a crash course in independent creative industry work. I’ve had the chance to work creatively with my team and meet some of the very inspirational people nominated for the awards. This opportunity hasn’t just helped me improve as a filmmaker, but it’s helped improve me as a person.

Stuart Love

Student, City of Glasgow College

These films, whilst challenging, were enlightening as I was able to learn a lot about the groups I worked with. I have a lot of respect for their work and I’m proud that I got a chance to tell their story in some small way.

Grant Scullion

Student, City of Glasgow College

I am very grateful for the opportunity to take part in this fascinating project.  Seeing the hard work of these highly motivated people from the social sector was very inspiring.

Peter Rak

Student, Edinburgh College

The entire experience working with both SSSA and my chosen organisation was absolutely brilliant. I worked closely with the team to come up with a plan for the film that clearly conveyed who they are and what they do. Everyone was so friendly and I managed to learn a lot regarding film making. It also gave me the opportunity to put the knowledge and skills I’d gained from college into practice. I would highly recommend all future students who have this opportunity to work with SSSA to grasp it with both hands.

Ewan Marshall

Student, Edinburgh College

Working for Scottish Social Services Awards was a privilege and an opportunity. All film directors worked for fantastic organisations and helped them bring their best projects, services and ideas to life.  This is also a great opportunity to develop our skills, not only technical – such as camera operating or video editing – but also communication skills.

Tom Duda

Student, Edinburgh College