Scottish Social Services Awards 2017

Hints & tips

Here are some hints & tips for writing a successful entry:

Read: all the categories carefully. You must be able to answer the questions and provide evidence or examples of how you are meeting the criteria we are looking for in each category that you enter.

Get permission: from your team, organisation or a person you want to nominate – an email would be ideal. Make sure you allow plenty time to get approval.

Start now: don’t leave it to the last minute. Plan what you want to say and gather details of examples or evidence you want to include in your written submission.

Tell a story: help your entry stand out to the judges by having a clear beginning, middle and end – it should read like an interesting story using plain English that a stranger could understand.

Provide evidence: use information from research, practice, wisdom, service data or lived experience to demonstrate how the person, team or organisation has specifically met the award criteria, rather than writing about the general results. Select quotes and data from reports, surveys, feedback or testimonials from service users or other individuals involved.

Review: the entry guidelines and form and start collating your entry under each of the sections in a word document that you can save. Your final entry must be completed online, but it will be easier to copy and paste the text from a word document.

Edit: your entry more than once. Leave time between re-writing drafts. Don’t waste words and don’t use jargon or technical terms. Ask a colleague to proof the final version for errors and make sure it reads well.

Stick to the rules: don’t use more than 1,300 words. Don’t try to attach supporting information or pictures. Don’t try to create or submit a video at this stage. Only shortlisted entries will be asked to do this.

Allow plenty time: to complete the online entry form. We recommend that you register in advance.

Be on time: all entries must be in before the specified deadline.

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