Guest Blog: Trisha Hall

National Director for SASW, lists 10 reasons why you need to make that time.

“Yes, I did see the Social Services Awards, but don’t really have time….”

Trisha Hall, National Director for SASW, lists 10 reasons why you need to make that time.

  • It is never about one person or one team. The spotlight that is temporarily on a winner also shines on the people who made it happen, and those who have benefited from services.
  • Other shortlisted nominees bask in the glow, it is a recognition that says: “You are valued”.
  • When you nominate someone, you make a difference to a colleague or a team. You get a warm fuzzy feeling when they are shortlisted; if they win you are ecstatic. YOU made that happen!
  • People shortlisted and winners have loved ones and families. They are often the ones wondering why the worker was late (again), why they seem distracted or “do too much”. The Awards experience helps a little towards explaining why.
  • Social care and social workers; other multi skilled workers come together. In the SSS Awards we are indeed “integrated”.
  • We make the “Joint Social Services Workforce” real. It is not a political slogan, we are over 200.000 workers in our country.
  • The Awards ensure publicity, the local Gazette could be read by decision makers who may just think again about certain funding decisions.
  • The next “Beast from the East” or any other such phenomenon may report on social care and social workers, as well as the angels from the NHS. Getting the word out raises our profile.
  • The Awards always include contributions from the people we work with and for. This could be you or someone near you one day. Make sure we stay strong.
  • You want to nominate because you are PROUD of what you and your colleagues do!

Trisha Hall, Social Worker, National Director SASW

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