The following students have been selected as Film Directors – congratulations to all of you!  Film Directors will assist shortlisted organisations with promotional videos to illustrate their award entry.   Filming is due to take place between 16 April and 18 May 2018 and we are pleased to announce that students have agreed to travel outwith their local area to ensure support is made available to every single shortlisted organisation/individual.

Jesus Barrero, Edinburgh College
I am a dedicated audio-visual professional who is keen to continue developing my career through hard work. I have a technical mind, I am a creative learner, and I would like to continue learning and striving to do better.  I am organized and motivated and I always work at 100% for the company that I work for.
Samples of my work: and
M: 07703 337 574

Louise Campbell, City of Glasgow College
2nd year student at City of Glasgow college studying Creative Industries: HND TV Production. Have worked on a number of student drama films and documentaries over the past 2 years as well as directing my own. I hope to continue creating my own work in the future.
M: 07807 189 443

Alex Cormack, North East Scotland College
I have been making films since I was in primary school. It is my passion. I have done everything from sports filming to music videos to short films and I always challenge myself to be better.
Watch some of my work here.
M: 07753 386 333

Tom Duda, Edinburgh College
Video producer, camera operator, video editor and photographer. Digital storyteller and creative person. I have been running a small company called You can find my videos and photos here:
M: 07804 615 953

Tessa Fawkes, Dumfries and Galloway College
Hello, Tessa Fawkes here. I’m a Visual Communication Student at Dumfries and Galloway College. Creating short films for interest and college is my real passion. I am currently applying to study Film Making at degree level. I am also enjoying participating in the development of the Dumfries Student Film Festival.
M: 07713 183 067

Karen Gutierrez, Edinburgh College
I am an audio-visual professional with a passion for video storytelling. I am currently in the last year of her HND degree in Audio visual at Edinburgh College. My previous experience includes directing music videos for bands such as Blueswater, Teek, marketing videos for Summerhall, Scottish Mental Health and Royal Television Awards.
Link to work:
M: 07930 282 176

Stuart Love, Glasgow College
I’m a 22 year old television student and aspiring documentary filmmaker. I want to make films that highlight important topics and people that are usually unfairly ignored. Links to films: – “Griphouse” documentary about an MMA gym in Glasgow – Link to my TV/Film content
M: 07756 754 368

Ewan Marshall, Edinburgh College
I’m a filmmaker based in the Scottish Borders however I have experience working on productions all over the UK from live events for Sky Sports, factual television programmes for the BBC, short films, music videos and more. I’m dedicated to my craft and will ensure to create the best film possible.
M: 07917 567 742

Louis Martin, North East Scotland College
Louis is an aspiring Director/Cinematographer from Aberdeenshire. Louis is regularly working on his own short films along with photography. Both of which can be seen below:
07502 319 500

John Matheson, Glasgow College
I work part time as the videographer for an Edinburgh-based charity. The rest of the week I attend Glasgow College and live with my parents in Glasgow for that. Any potential crew live in and around the Glasgow area. I also do private work alongside my job and college. E:

Pedro Matos
, Edinburgh College
I am an experienced director and camera operator based in Scotland.  Over the past 9 years I have been working between Spain and the UK for different projects such as music videos, short films and commercials.   Available to work as camera operator and freelance videographer.  Website:
M: 07398 040 939

Peter Rak, Edinburgh College
I’m a passionate film maker who has experience in different areas. I like to work with people and I’m interested about their stories, because I think everyone has a unique story to tell. In this project we will have the opportunity to see a different world what is closed for us who are not working in this area.
M: 07935 684 784

Grant Scullion, City of Glasgow College
I’m a student with enormous passion for the production of video content and visual media.
Here’s a short film I made last year on the topic of Dangerous Dogs: Also here’s a film I produced alongside a partner covering the 2017 SAFEE conference:
M: 07495 932 285

Kieran Smyth, City of Glasgow College
Television student who aims to direct documentaries and drama for TV and film in the future. Believes filmmaking should be used to educate as much as to entertain, to shine light on social injustices and to offer ideas on how to improve our society.
M: 07557 780 824

Nikolas Tsirigkas, Edinburgh College
I am an Edinburgh College student who wants to study digital media and interactive design at university and make videos for people for a living. Below I have attached an example of my most recent work:
Samples of my work:  Let’s Eat – The Difference Grammar Makes and Attica Zoological Park Video – Nikolas Tsirigkas
Photography link: Nick Tsirigkas
M: 07598 547 263