Guest Blog: Donald Macaskill

CEO of Scottish Care

At times we have an annoying habit in Scotland of not celebrating what we are good at and not valuing those who do amazing things. We suffer from the “I kent his faither” or the “Don’t get too big for your boots” syndrome where we limit individuals because we know them or think we know all about them and their work. Self-reflection and highlighting others is something which culturally and inherently we are not that good at in Scotland.

So thank goodness for the Scottish Social Services Awards and all other similar awards.

There are tens of thousands of women and men working up and down in Scotland’s social work and social care services who are delivering amazing support and care which is literally life-changing and life-affirming. We have amazing examples of innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the independent, statutory and third sectors. The problem is we often don’t talk about it, we rarely celebrate what we are good at, and too infrequently value those whose work is exemplary.

There are many reasons why you should consider nominating someone you know or a project or piece of work you have come across or are involved with for these awards. The first of these being that unless you do it no-one else is going to. Unless you take some time to fill out the nomination, the great project in the care home which has meant that people are more physically fit or more engaged in their communities; the home care worker who goes that extra mile in supporting families facing the distress of losing a child; the social worker who has changed the way in which those seeking asylum are viewed in their local communities – all of them will remain in the shadow and their story, their inspiration, the example of their excellence will go unrecognised and unheard.

Social care and social work is all about people – and usually the self-same people who make a difference to so many of our lives – are unassuming and want to remain in the background. The SSSAs are your chance to help to shine a light on excellence, on practice that is more than ordinary, and workers that deserve affirmation and recognition.

So tell their story and be their voice and get nominating today.

Donald Macaskill is the CEO of Scottish Care

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