How many times have you looked at the winners of an award and thought: we do that. You might even have thought: we do that a bit better. I have lost count of the number of people who say similar things and some people reading this blog will be those people.

Thing is, if you don’t tell anyone what you are doing, and they don’t work with you, how do they know? We can be very Scottish about these things and shy away from self-promotion, but think about it in a different way. An altruistic way.

These awards are not about self-promotion. They are not about finding the best. They are about celebrating people who do good things. They are about showcasing our sector to the public, the media and to each other. They are about spreading good ideas.

But they are also about creating confidence. In my 9 years in Social Work Scotland and its predecessor, ADSW, the one thing that has always struck me is that the sector is not the most confident. Social workers in particular are always moving out of the limelight. The successes they have had are the successes of the individual they have supported. That is laudable and absolutely right, but it is also right to say that the social worker had a role to play, and a very important role.

Indeed, often when we hear from people who have been supported by social workers in the past, they will talk about there being that one social worker that really understood, listened and was there for them.

So really, you have a responsibility to enter these awards. It’s not about you, it’s about your profession and the people you support. It’s about sharing, learning and celebrating.

Go on. Have a go. What have you got to lose?

You might even win……